“It is rare to come across a talent like Dr. Jan. I have worked with Dr. Jan for many years in different capacities, including as a counselor. Besides being superbly insightful and thoughtful, she is wonderful at facilitating dialogue toward a positive outcome. Her brilliance is in her ability to personalize her approach to each client’s needs, leveraging her intuition and expertise. In addition, she is a consummate professional who operates with the utmost discretion while putting the client at ease. As a counselor, Dr. Jan earns my highest recommendation.” -IT Executive

Relationship Therapy

“There’s a naturalness about Dr. Jan Anderson’s approach to counseling.  She is truly grounded in her own wisdom and experience and has a knack for putting people at ease immediately.” -Psychiatrist


“Dr. Jan Anderson’s life experiences and unique background make her particularly qualified to help with family problems, love life, work and self-esteem issues.  She is not a bobble-head therapist.” -IT Professional

Divorce Therapy

“Dr. Jan Anderson is unafraid to confront the painful truth. I highly recommend using Dr. Jan in pursuit of understanding and personal growth . Most likely you’ll tap into her seemingly endless source of inspiration and insight and come away with the courage to face your own uncomfortable truths, fears and self-imposed limits.” -Publishing Executive

Dr. Jan

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Professional Louisville

“One of the greatest things about Dr. Jan Anderson is that she offers an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to life and relationship issues. She is exceptionally open-minded and brings multiple philosophies to the table.” -CEO

Med School

“What impresses me most about Dr. Jan Anderson is the way she addresses complex, challenging issues in a way that is both evidence-based and, at the same time, very innovative.” –Physician

Professional Development

“Jan is a talented counselor/writer/speaker who engages her audience with highly relevant information and advice that is spot on. She isn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics, and she says what we all need to hear. I give her 5 stars for her impactful work and leadership in the community. I admire her for her long-term dedication in a very challenging field that few of us could do. She communicates with confidence and the experience that she has ‘been there before’. I would highly recommend Jan.” -Magazine Owner/Publisher

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