Hello! I’m Dr. Jan Anderson, Louisville’s leading therapist for executives and professionals.  I work with individuals, couples, and families and have been in private practice since 2000.

    I’m the mental health wellness columnist for M.D.Update magazine, the author of two audio collections of guided mindfulness-based practices (available on Apple Music and Amazon), and a sought-after speaker on how to pull off professional success and personal happiness, all in one lifetime. 

    One of the things that’s different about me is I have a twenty-year corporate business background.  I spent about half my corporate career in marketing, getting practical experience producing bottom-line revenue and results for Fortune 500 companies.  The other half I spent in HR, working in executive and professional development and organizational development for a Fortune 500 company.  During that time I did a master’s psychology practicum working with executives and professionals making a career transition — including how to network, prepare a resume, and handle behavioral interviews.

    Another thing that’s different about me is that I’ve done my own career reinvention.  I left the corporate world to start working on my doctorate in clinical psychology, exploring evidence-based ways that people develop resilience — how to get a grip, get back up, and go on when someone hurts or harms you. During that time I started my own business teaching mindfulness-based practices and I did volunteer grief counseling at a local hospice.

    I use my diverse background and evidence-based approaches to help my clients attract and build relationships that are good for them, handle difficult people without becoming part of the problem, and spend more time enjoying life and work! Dr. Jan Anderson’s Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

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