Dr. Jan’s Relationship Questionnaire

  1. Has your relationship developed an “airless” quality, like there’s little room to move or breathe?
  2. Are you so tuned in to the other person that you have lost track of your own wants, preferences, and identity?
  3. Do you avoid making waves and tiptoe around certain subjects so that the number of topics you can discuss has diminished?
  4. Do you feel much more dominant and “in charge” of the relationship?  On the other hand, do you often feel at the mercy of the other person?
  5. Have you lost your ability to react?  Are there no fights or arguments, but there is also less enjoyment, vitality, spontaneity, or fun with the other person?
  6. Has the sexuality totally disappeared from your romantic relationship or does it happen from a sense of responsibility to enjoy sex or to provide it?


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